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Organic fertilizer granulator should be checked more in daily use

Prior to assembly, cleaning work of the fertilizer granulator should be done to ensure that the mating surfaces are clean. Pay attention to the cleaning of the ring die screw holes. If the ring die screw holes are not cleaned, it is easy to cause the ring die bolt holes to break when tightening the ring die bolts. Use a torque wrench to tighten the ring die bolts to ensure the specified tightening torque.
Generally, the new mold is equipped with a new roller, the old mold is equipped with an old roller, and the gap between each part of the ring mold and the pressure roller is approximately the same. In this way, the entire ring die is very uniform in force and discharge, which can improve production efficiency of the organic fertilizer production line.

When assembling the pressure roller, pay attention to the inspection of the bearing, and if it is found damaged, it should be replaced in time. After the pressure roller is assembled, a certain gap should be ensured to enable the pressure roller to rotate freely. Each shift must be filled with oil on time. Once the pressure roller is short of oil, it will cause the bearing and the roller shaft to burn out. In severe cases, the entire pressure roller will be scrapped.

Also note that before going to work, check each transmission part, instrument, valve, fill with lubricating oil, and remove iron filings from the iron. After the granulation is finished, oil-containing materials are required to be pressed into the mold holes to ensure that the mold holes are not corroded. The maintenance of the carbon steel ring mold must be more careful.
1. Daily maintenance
① Wipe the device with a soft cotton cloth daily to keep the appearance clean.
② Check the air supply triplet every day before starting the machine. When the oil level is insufficient, add lubricating oil and drain the stored water.
③ Clean the fluff in the dust box every day to ensure good ventilation and make the equipment play the best drying effect.

2. Monthly maintenance
① Open the back cover and clean the inside of the device with a soft cotton cloth.
② Lubricate the moving parts such as bearings to reduce friction.
③ Check the belt tension and adjust the pulley.
④ Strengthen the parts that are liable to loosen and fall off after vibration, including the electrical wiring, the swing arm of the door, and the pipe connection.
⑤Clear the internal ash deposits regularly.

3. Annual maintenance
① Check whether the fixing bolts of the machine base are loose and strong.
② Check the tightness of the support spring connection and adjust it from time to time.
③ Check the grounding of the equipment and ensure its reliability.