Fertilizer Crusher Machine Series

  • Half-Wet Material Crusher
  • Half-Wet Material Crusher
  • Half-Wet Material Crusher
  • Half-Wet Material Crusher

Half-Wet Material Crusher

The machine completely solve the problem of organics crushing with high moisture content, which is a national initiative, and declare the national patent.
Model: BSFS-40/BSFS-60/BSFS-90
Power: 22/30/37kW
Capacity: 1-2/2-4/4-8t/h
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Half-wet material crusher is an advanced smashing technology machine at home and abroad,which has been researched,improved and manufactured by many years of production experience,it is combined with many years of machines production experience of our factory.This machine completely solves the crushing problems of organic matter with high water content,which is national initiative and has declared the national patent.
Principle of half-wet material crusher:
1.The half-wet material crusher adopts the two-stage rotor up and down two-stage pulverization,and the material passes through the upper-stage rotor pulverizer to form fine particles, then is transported to the lower-stage rotor to continue pulverization into fine powder to reach the most of the powder material and the hammer powder.Good effect,the last discharge port is directly discharged.
2.The half-wet material crusher does not have a sieve mesh bottom,and more than 100 kinds of materials cn be crushed and never blocked.Even materials that have just been taken from the water can be crushed,and will not be clogged by the wet material,causing the motor to burn out and affecting production.
3.The half-wet material crusher adopts high-alloy wear-resistant hammer head.The hammer pieceis made of forged,which is particularly strong and wear-resistant.It is stronger and more wear-resistant than the ordinary hammer head,which increase the service life of the hamer.
4.The machine adopts the two-way lashing technology.If the hammer is worn,it does not need to be repaired,and the position of the moving hammer can be used continuously.The material size can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the hammer and the liner.


Application and features
The moisture content demand for biological fermentation organic fertilizer is between 25-50% with this machine, and crushing size meets the requirements of granulation. it also has an effect of grinding for glass, ceramics, bricks and gravel from organic fertilizer made of city life garbage, and reach the result for safe application. It is ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing organization.

Structure and feature
The machine can be divided into three parts:

1.Machine body: All the normal operation of the machinery are inseparable from the solid frame, which adopt excellent carbon steel plate by Channel steel welded together, and passed a rigorous product certification and specific process requirements, in order to achieve the goal of normal operation. 

2.Rotor part: 
It’s rotor adopted new structure and reasonable design, which uses the upper and lower double layer blade crushing, and the crushing effect is twice as high as other products. The material enters the crushing chamber from the feeding mouth, with a continuous grinding of the double blade, makes the material meet the granulation requirement.

3.Driving joint part:
 The machine uses a flexible belt drive. The pulley and belt are driven directly by motor to the spindle, and through the high-speed rotation of spindle to achieve crushing effect.
Model BSFS-40 BSFS-60 BSFS-90 BSFS-110
Capacity(t/h) 1~2 2~4 4~8 10~15
Particle size 0.5~5 0.5~5 0.5~5 0.5~5
Power(kW) 22 30 37 45
Dimensions L×W×H 960×560×850 1632×1560×1180 2120×2040×1800 2160×2276×1880

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