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Roller Press Granulator Production Line

Roller Press Granulator Production Line
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Model: DZJ      
Motor Power: 1-20t/h
Features of Roller Press Granulator Production Line
Roller press granulator are widely used for the production of compound fertilizer. There are more than 20 kinds of materials that have been successfully applied to granulating. Ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride and calcium nitrate in nitrogen fertilizer. Phosphate fertilizer includes ammonium phosphate, calcium phosphate, heavy calcium, phosphate rock, potassium chloride and potassium sulfate, and can add trace elements such as boron, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and so on. Extrusion granulation has no special requirements on the granularity of the raw materials, 1-4mm granular materials and fine powdery materials are available, it’s better to use the granularity of powder material and powdery products , and the cost can be reduced with powdery materials.

Our factory dedicated to provide compound fertilizer granulation equipment and technology service to users, including the general layout design for an annual output of 1-100 thousand tons per year without drying equipments, the production of complete sets of technical guidance, commissioning, all in one service.

Advantages of Roller Press Granulator Production Line:
1.The roller press granulator adopts no drying process, room temperature granulation, froming a molding , less investment, quick effect, good economic returns.
2. Compound fertilizer on roller extruding and granulating machine power of small reliable operation, no waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, process layout is reasonable, advanced technology, low production cost.
3. The roller press granulator machine can be used for extensive applicability of the raw materials, the granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical fertilizer, feed, coal. metallurgy and other raw materials, can produce various concentrations and types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer etc.)compound fertilizer.
4. The roller press granulator machine is especially suitable for raw earth carbonate ammonium sulfate, compound fertilizer, filling the domestic gap, living in the leading level, is the national environment protection technology promotion project.
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