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The technological process of double roller granulation in NPK fertilizer production line

 The ngk fertilizer production line's double roller granulation process breaks through the conventional organic granulation process. Before granulation, the raw materials can be processed directly without drying and crushing the raw materials, and spherical particles can be processed, which can save a lot of energy. At the same time, in the npk fertilizer production line, there is no need to add a binder; the particles are solid and can be sieved after granulation to reduce energy consumption for drying; the organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried, and the moisture content of the raw materials can be below 15%.

The technological process of double roller granulation in NPK fertilizer production line
Automatic batching → mixing and stirring → double roller granulation unit → screening → packaging.

1. Raw material ingredients of NPK fertilizer production line: urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate (monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, bicalcium, procalcium), potassium chloride (potassium sulfate) and other
raw materials are provided in a certain proportion (according to market demand and soil testing results of various regions).

2. Raw material mixing: mix the prepared raw materials evenly to improve the overall uniform fertilizer efficiency content of the fertilizer particles.

3. Double roller granulator: the raw materials with uniform agitation are sent to the extrusion granulator for granulation

4. Particle classification: the particles are classified, the unqualified particles are crushed and re granulated, and the qualified products are screened out.

5. Packaging of finished products: the finished products shall be bagged and stored in a ventilated place.