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Characteristics and working principle of straw crusher in organic fertilizer production line

The straw crusher can pulverize crop waste stalks such as corn stalks, straws, peanut hulls and bean stalks. It avoids the burning of these crop straws, protects the environment well, and effectively develops renewable energy. The pulverized material can also be used as a raw material for the organic fertilizer production process, and the fermentation speed can be increased because the material is pulverized.

Straw crusher features:
1. Convenient operation, small volume, small land occupation, labor saving, power saving, automatic feeding, continuous production and high output.
2. The automatic lawn mower only needs two people to operate, saving you a lot of labor.
3. The blade is made of wear-resistant tool steel, high speed, good wear resistance, durable.
4. One machine can be used for smashing all straw materials at the same time.
5. This machine adopts PLC control system to make the equipment running state more stable.
6. Using automatic lubrication system, automatic timing lubrication.
7, The crushing effect can be adjusted according to user requirements, the machine can adjust the length of the finished material.

Straw crusher operating principle:
1. This machine is made up of upper and lower casings, with cutters and shredder blades inside. The lower base and the motor frame are integrated, all of which are made of steel, which enhances the stability of the work.
2. Feeding port design is convenient to feed, reducing the resistance during feeding and pulverizing, increasing the crushing strength and increasing the output.
3. The processed raw materials enter the feeding port, and the high-speed operation of the mechanical rotor forms an automatic feeding with the gravity of the material itself, which can improve the safety factor during mechanical operation.
4. The fineness adjustment of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the machine's low discharge cavity. The yield can be determined according to the size of the user pulverizing the particles.