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How to select various equipment when building a small livestock manure organic fertilizer production line

The equipment selection of the organic fertilizer production line is a difficult thing for the enterprises that initially purchase the fertilizer production machine, because these enterprises have not participated in the organic fertilizer production, do not know the production process of organic fertilizer very well, do not know the fertilizer production machine used in the organic fertilizer production line very well, do not know what kind of equipment is reasonable, save energy and low fertilizer cost. Here I pay attention to put forward such a few requirements for the reference of enterprises purchasing equipment.

Equipment selection of organic fertilizer production line

1. Simplify the design of fertilizer production line: the simpler the organic fertilizer production line, the better, as long as it can meet the annual output, it can meet the production standard, because the fewer equipment in the entire fertilizer production line, on the one hand, energy saving, on the other hand, the equipment is not It is easy to cause problems and continuous production, otherwise if the equipment is too complicated, the same equipment has problems, other equipment must be stopped for maintenance, affecting production.

2. Practicability of equipment: equipment should be selected according to the local natural conditions, the type of fertilizer produced, and its own economic strength. Unnecessary equipment should not be bought, otherwise it will cause unnecessary losses.
3. The rationalization of equipment: it depends on whether it is pure organic fertilizer or organic electrodeless compound fertilizer. Generally speaking, it is simpler to produce pure organic fertilizer, and it is more difficult to produce organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. Professional manufacturers do not understand the production principle of organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. If they are configured according to the production line of pure organic fertilizers, they cannot be produced at all. Moreover, organic-inorganic compound fertilizers are the direction of future development, and equipment will have to be refitted and purchased at that time, wasting time and money.