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What equipment does a complete NPK fertilizer production line include?

The so-called npk fertilizer production line equipment is processing equipment for a series of production processes such as various fertilizers for deep processing, precise dosing, mixing, and bagging. The whole process is automated production. A set of equipment only needs one or two people to guard it, which is very intelligent. Precise ingredients, even mixing, no waste of fertilizer.
There are many manufacturers of fertilizer production line equipment on the market, all of which are in all regions of the country, and there are many that do better. Of course, prices are also uneven. The equipment produced by each manufacturer is similar, and the basic process is similar, but there are still big differences in the details.
Features of npk production line equipment:
1. Fully automated production, using static ingredients, accurate measurement.
2. It adopts special mixing equipment for formula BB fertilizer equipment, with high mixing uniformity.
3. The feeding and ingredients are operated on the ground, which is safe and convenient, and effectively guarantees the feeding speed.
4. Adopt belt type, bucket lift type and sliding bucket type three lifting methods to choose according to needs.
5. The main body of the equipment is made of stainless steel structure (except for the frame and silo), which is easy to clean, maintain and durable.
6. It is suitable for agricultural material companies, soil fertilizer stations, large, medium and small fertilizer plants.

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