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Building a small organic fertilizer production line in orchard plays an important role in producing fertilizer

The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer machine can be produced by various fertilizer machines equipped on the organic fertilizer production line. Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients and can be used in different fields. What role does the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment play in fruit trees?

The role of organic fertilizer on fruit trees is irreplaceable.
First of all, it contains rich and comprehensive nutrients, which is not available in any kind of chemical fertilizer.
Secondly, it can improve the soil of the fruit. Use a fertilizer granulator to make organic fertilizer into granules.
Third, it is beneficial to promote the activity of soil microorganisms, accelerate the small circulation of soil organs, and promote the growth and development of fruit trees.
Fourth, the organic fertilizer will produce a large amount of organic acid during the decomposition process, which converts some insoluble nutrients into soluble nutrients, thereby improving the utilization rate of soil nutrients.
Therefore, attention must be paid to the use of organic fertilizer in the orchard. Generally speaking, the application amount of organic fertilizer should be equal to or equal to twice the fruit yield.
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