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What equipment problems should be paid attention to when using NPK fertilizer production line for granulation

The roller granulator is made of high-quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials. This kind of organic fertilizer granulator is easy to operate and has no high requirements for the operation technology of technicians. It is very easy to operate. Moreover, the granulator has beautiful appearance, low energy consumption and long service life. Compared with other fertilizer manufacturing process, the granulation rate of the granulator is higher. Because of these advantages of the roller extrusion granulator, it has a wide range of applications.
The roller skin is the most serious wear and tear of the roller extrusion granulator. In the process of granulation, the roller skin is one of the most important parts. Don't underestimate the problem of roller skin damage. The damaged machinery and equipment can continue to work normally, but the produced organic fertilizer particles will have different sizes.

In fact, it will not only affect the uneven size of the organic fertilizer particles produced, but also the serious loss of the roll skin, which will increase the failure rate of the roller extrusion granulator. Different from the pan granulator and drum granulator, the quality of organic fertilizer will decline, so we still need to pay attention to this problem.
What improper operations in the operation of the roller granulator cause the loss of the roller skin:
1. The uneven feeding will easily cause uneven wear of the roller skin.
2. Affected by the hardness, size and shape of the material to be processed. Materials that are too hard, too large or too irregular are likely to cause uneven wear of the roller skin.
3. With the surface shape, size and operating conditions of the roller.
4. There is a direct relationship with the material of the roll skin itself. The roller skin with poor material has poor wear resistance, corrosion resistance and short service life.