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How to use organic fertilizer production line to treat chicken manure to produce organic fertilizer

The method of comprehensive utilization of chicken manure to produce feed raw materials and bio organic fertilizer is to dilute chicken manure with water, remove impurities, sift and squeeze water to achieve solid-liquid separation.
The solid part is dried and crushed, mixed with compound bacteria liquid for anaerobic fermentation, and made into raw material for biological fermentation feed; the liquid part is dissolved and injected into two-stage fluidized bed of photosynthetic bacteria for treatment, and the treated water can be recycled, and can also be used as raw material for the production of photosynthetic bacteria liquid fertilizer.
The sludge is mixed with straw powder or grass powder and other auxiliary materials and effective microbial agents to produce bio organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer production process
 starts from solving the pollution problem of chicken manure to the environment. Aiming at the special pollution source of chicken manure, different components of chicken manure are used respectively. According to the unique biological characteristics of photosynthetic bacteria, combined with the fluidized bed technology of sewage treatment, feed raw materials and biological organic fertilizer are produced. It provides a new technical way for chicken manure treatment and contributes to the sustainable development of poultry industry.