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Processing technology of powdered organic fertilizer in livestock manure organic fertilizer production line

 Production process of powdery livestock manure organic fertilizer production machine

1. The processed livestock manure (cattle, sheep, chicken manure, etc.), inorganic raw materials (urea, monoammonium phosphate, etc.), trace elements (borax, ferrous sulfate, etc.), filling materials (bentonite, vermiculite, etc.) and other raw materials are sent to the automatic lifting silo in proportion;
2. When the material is transported to the organic fertilizer mixer (continuous type), when the organic fertilizer mixer rotates, the material is pushed forward by 2 / 3, and the remaining 1 / 3 of the material circulates back and forth to mix with the newly transported material. After the material reaches the goal of uniform mixing, it is slowly pushed towards the outlet along the inclined direction of the organic fertilizer mixer;
3. The special design can completely solve the problem of screen adhesion;
4. The large particles are crushed by the pulverizer and then returned to the horizontal mixer;
5. The finished product is transported to the finished product silo, and then it is weighed, packed and stored in the automatic packing scale.
The production process of powdery organic fertilizer production line is completed. Fertilizer production users can also choose organic fertilizer granulation production line with high degree of automation and add granulator machine for fertilizer, so as to reduce the early investment risk.