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How much does it cost to build an organic fertilizer factory to buy an organic fertilizer production line?

To produce organic fertilizer, it is necessary to collect and process raw materials of organic fertilizer, such as pig manure, chicken manure and cow manure, and then make organic fertilizer through dehydration, fermentation, mixing, crushing, screening, drying, granulation, cooling, weighing, packaging and other processes. An organic fertilizer plant produces organic fertilizer, and a set of organic fertilizer production line equipment is indispensable. An organic fertilizer production line costs tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands. It mainly depends on the annual output and production technology of organic fertilizer. With the development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the automation and standardization of machinery, the higher the degree of automation of organic fertilizer production line equipment, and the price is relatively expensive.
The production line of pig manure organic fertilizer is determined according to different annual output and different degree of automation. The production line of 5000-10000 tons needs 80000-250000 yuan. The production line of 20000-30000 tons needs 250000-500000 yuan. The production line of 30000-50000 tons needs 350000-700000 yuan. The production line of 50000-100000 tons needs 700000-1.2 million yuan.

The specific selection should start from the output, select the appropriate organic fertilizer production line according to the predicted annual output, and determine the specific model according to the predicted organic fertilizer production raw materials. For example, the selection of fermentation dumper includes trough dumper and self-propelled dumper. The trough dumper is widely used, with low price and stable operation. The disadvantage is that it is limited by the field trough type. During the early construction, the width, depth and length of the trough must be determined. The self-propelled stacker is not limited by the site and can walk at will. It is convenient to use, but the price is slightly higher.