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What are the advantages of the windrow compost turning machine?

 In the organic fertilizer production line, there are many types of turn-over machines that are often seen. Among them, crawler-type turners are more used. Since so many people will choose it, they will be compared with other turn-over machines. What are the advantages of the machine? Let's start with the type and principle of the turner.


The turner was heavily equipped to the composting project, but the time was not long, but the variety was varied. According to different classification methods, there are mainly:
1. From the way of walking, there are mainly: orbital, tire-type, and crawler-type.
2. The main differences in power are: diesel engine power type, hydraulic power type, and newly invented oil-electricity integrated power type;
3. From the use of the main differences: organic fertilizer turnover machine, mushroom fertilizer turnover machine, straw turn pile crushing machine;
4. The main methods of composting are: trough turning machine and ground self-propelled turning machine;

The crawler type turner described in this paper is mainly based on the name defined by the walking mode of the equipment. Let's take a closer look.

The windrow compost turning machine is also known as a crawler hydraulic turner, which is a type of ground turner. The machine has a compact design, simple operation and saves the characteristics of the work site.

Working principle: The crawler type turner adopts full hydraulic operating system, lever type steering wheel operation, crawler type walking, and high horsepower diesel engine. The stacking width can reach 2-3 meters and the height can reach 1.5 meters. The crawler turner adopts the design of the overall lifting of the frame, which can lift the height of the frame when the working place and the height of the stack need to be changed, which makes the operation more convenient. Because the crawler turner is designed with full hydraulic power, there is virtually no mechanical wear, and the failure rate is very low, with very little maintenance.

Scope of application: Track-type turners and tire-type turners are the same type of ground turn-over machines. Track-type turners have stronger turning capacity and larger output, which is generally suitable for large organic fertilizer plants.

On the whole, the main advantages of the crawler-type turner and other compost turning machine are: suitable for the large-scale environment of the organic fertilizer production site, and the fermentation of a large amount of organic fertilizer raw materials. Full hydraulic power design, basically no mechanical wear, low failure rate, very little maintenance; greatly improved work efficiency and efficiency.