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Application of Vertical Chain Crusher in Processing Compound Fertilizer


The vertical chain crusher for organic fertilizer is one of the commonly used crushers in the compound fertilizer industry. During the crushing process, it uses high-strength wear-resistant hard alloy chains with synchronous speed, which is suitable for crushing raw materials and return materials. Especially for materials with high moisture content, they have strong adaptability and should not be blocked. The material is discharged smoothly. The material enters from the feeding port and collides with the high-speed rotating chain inside the casing. After the impact, the material is squeezed and crushed, and then collides with the inner wall of the casing before colliding with the chain again. During the falling process, it undergoes several impacts and turns into powder or particles below 3mm, which are discharged from the bottom.

The motor of the organic fertilizer crusher drives the spindle to rotate. The spindle has two bearing seats, upper and lower, which are installed at the upper and lower ends of the casing. The casing assembly is installed on the lower frame, with a rotor disc and chain installed on the main shaft. The feeding hopper is located on the upper part of the casing. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of the hammer head, a flap is opened on the casing for easy disassembly and maintenance.

Characteristics of organic fertilizer crusher:

1. Especially for materials with high water content, it has strong adaptability, is not easy to block, and the feeding is smooth.

2. The crushing blade is made of special material, which is durable.

3. The crusher has high crushing efficiency and is equipped with an observation window. It can be completed in ten minutes by replacing vulnerable parts.