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Biomass granulator technology introduction

 In recent years, with the increasing efforts of the state to control air pollution and environmental protection, the government has intensively introduced relevant biomass energy support policies to promote the development of biomass energy, especially the application of biomass raw materials to pellets to replace coal. With the vigorous development of the biomass pellet industry, the biomass granulator industry, which is the upstream industry for pellet processing, has also grown rapidly, and there has been a shortage of supply.

The research work of the domestic biomass fertilizer granulator machine started relatively late, initially evolved mainly from the feed ring die machine, mainly adopting the horizontal ring die structure, and adapting the improvement according to the molding characteristics of the biomass pellets and the molding pressure requirements. With the development of the industry, innovations and improvements, products are constantly updated; many companies still use the ring model granulator structure, still can see the elements of the feed granulator.
The working principle of the biomass fertilizer granulator machine is to use straw, wood chips, rice husk and other raw materials in the high temperature and high pressure environment of the granulation chamber by the action of extrusion and friction generated during the movement of the ring mold and the pressure roller (or ring mold). The die holes are compacted and extruded to form a regular, densely shaped fuel.

The granulation ring die and the pressure roller are the core components of the equipment. The mainstream technology mainly adopts the single ring die + double pressure roller (three pressure roller) method. According to the arrangement of the ring die and the material feeding relative to the whole machine, it is divided into vertical and horizontal type. The vertical granulator powder material is fed into the granulation chamber from the upper part of the machine, the ring mold is placed horizontally relative to the granulation unit, and the horizontal granulator powder material is fed vertically from the front end of the granulation chamber (by means of The fan power is forced to feed), and the ring die and the granulation unit are arranged vertically.

The working principle of the horizontal granulator and the vertical granulator are basically the same, but there are advantages and disadvantages in the aspect of the machine's moisture content adaptability, maintenance convenience, cavity temperature, material transport and feed uniformity.

Besides the biomass granulator machine, we also produce other types of fertilizer granulator machine, like double roller press granulator machine, disc granulator machine and rotary drum granulator machine, they are all widely used in the fertilizer manufacturing process.