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Characteristics of NPK fertilizer production line by ammonia acid process

The investment of small organic fertilizer production line is between 80000 yuan and 120000 yuan. The main equipment of the small-scale organic fertilizer equipment production line includes fermentation tipping machine, pulverizer, granulator, screening machine, automatic weighing and packaging machine, etc. This series of small organic fertilizer production line has not only high cost performance, but also high efficiency, good energy saving and simple operation for workers. 

NPK fertilizer production line of ammonia acid process makes full use of the dilution heat of concentrated sulfuric acid and the chemical reaction heat between liquid ammonia and sulfuric acid, monoammonium phosphate and other raw materials to raise the granulation material temperature to 75-85 ℃, and reasonably control the pH value of the granulation material to obtain a good pelleting rate.
② The acid mixer is used to dilute the concentrated sulfuric acid with water and directly add it to the
fertilizer granulator machine, which makes full use of the dilution heat of concentrated sulfuric acid, further improves the granulation temperature, reduces equipment investment, simplifies the operation process, and configures the use of special tail gas scrubber, which is more energy-saving and emission reducing (taking 100000 tons / year as an example, the power consumption of ammonia acid process equipment is not more than 35kw).
③ The pelletizing rate is about 80%, and the production capacity of the plant is increased by 50 ~ 100%.
④ With the decrease of granulation moisture, the drying energy consumption is reduced, and the dryer capacity is significantly improved (coal consumption is only 10kg / T).
⑤ The granulation ammoniation is uniform, the pelletizing rate is high, the appearance of particles is smooth and round, and the product strength is more than or equal to 25N.
⑥ The NPK fertilizer production line with ammonia acid method has stable equipment operation and good nutrient stability. It can adapt to different kinds of fertilizer production, and the highest nitrogen content can reach 28.
⑦ The special tail gas scrubber is used to wash the granulation tail gas, and the washing absorption efficiency is above 99%, which ensures the standard emission of granulation tail gas.