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What to pay attention to when choosing equipment for fertilizer manufacturing process?

 Precautions for the selection of equipment for fertilizer manufacturing process are divided into the following six points:
1. First, determine what type of fertilizer you want to produce. Is it NPK compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer? Under the same yield, the equipment for producing organic fertilizer generally considers high water, the strain is not resistant to high temperature, and the model is generally better than compound fertilizer. The model size is larger. Organic fertilizer types can be divided into four types, pure organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, compound micro-fertilizer, different types, and organic fertilizer equipment is also different.

2. Determine the size of the fertilizer production capacity, such as the number of tons of production per year, or how many tons of production per hour, the output is determined, in order to determine the approximate price.

3. Determine the shape of the produced fertilizer granules, which are powdery, columnar, spheroidal or standard round.This is related to the choice of fertilizer granulator machine. The commonly used fertilizer granulator machines are: disc granulator machine, drum granulator, roller press granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator. The selection of fertilizer granulator machine should be based on the local fertilizer sales market. It is necessary to study in advance what is the best selling of fertilizer pellets in the local market. The shape of the pellets is different and the process of fertilizer production is different.

4. Need to understand the configuration of fertilizer equipment. The height of the configuration is different, so the price is definitely different, the labor is different, and the stable production and high yield of the equipment are different: the general configuration is high to add some other machines, such as automatic batching device, automatic packaging device, cyclone dust collector, etc.

5. Selection of fermentation compost turning machine. The general fermentation forms include strip fermentation, shallow fermentation, deep tank fermentation, etc. The fermentation method is different, and the fermented organic fertilizer equipment is different. The fermenting and turning machine mainly has a groove turning machine, a crawler type turning machine and a chain compost turning machine.

6.According to local requirements for environmental protection. Where environmental protection requirements are low, dust reduction is generally required, and equipment investment is low. Where environmental protection requirements are high, dust removal and ink removal are generally required. To meet the national air emission quality standards, the investment will be higher.