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Common equipment in organic fertilizer production

Organic fertilizer raw materials generally come from chicken manure, sheep manure, pig manure, cow manure, straw, sawdust, soybean meal, sludge and other materials with high organic content. After fermentation, these materials can be used as organic fertilizer.

In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer production machine, we generally use the tipper to control the moisture and temperature of materials. Now, the more perfect tipper mainly consists of compost windrow turner and chain plate compost windrow turner. It is very important to select different equipment for different materials. Chain plate compost windrow turner is currently a time-saving and labor-saving compost windrow turner, which can effectively save people in the operation process The equipment can be operated by one key, and the whole fermentation and discharging process can be controlled by only one person.
After the fermentation of materials is completed, the materials will be sent to the production workshop by the chain plate compost windrow turner. If the annual output of 20000 tons of organic fertilizer in the production workshop is about 600 square meters, the whole production line needs to use speed regulating silo, mixer, wet material crusher, granulator machine for fertilizer, shaping and polishing machine, screening machine, drying and cooling machine, coating machine and packaging machine. This is the whole production line needs to use some equipment, each equipment needs to use conveyor. 

Using the equipment of organic fertilizer production line can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by organic waste of livestock and poultry breeding and other industries, reduce the eutrophication of surface water caused by pollution, improve the safety and quality of agricultural products, and lay a good foundation for people to eat green food and organic food in an all-round way.