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Construction and planning of organic fertilizer plants

Many customers are considering the site selection and planning of the organic fertilizer plant while inspecting the organic fertilizer equipment. Today, Tianci Heavy Industry summarizes the previous experiences for reference.


First, the site selection
Organic fertilizer production process materials produce more or less special odors during transportation and fermentation. Therefore, the location of the organic fertilizer plant must master the following principles:
(1) Keep away from residential areas and away from industrial areas to avoid resentment to surrounding residents and other production plants.

(2) Close to the main raw material production area to reduce transportation costs and transportation pollution.

(3) Traffic is relatively convenient.

(4) The water supply point is convenient.

Second, the site planning of the organic fertilizer plant
The construction of organic fertilizer plants also has the principle of adapting to local conditions. On the basis of their own conditions, business owners can give full play to their ingenuity and do a good job in the construction of fertilizer plants. The planning and construction of organic fertilizer plants generally has the following characteristics:
(1) The office area should be as far away as possible from the fermentation site, and the office area should be in the upwind position.

(2) Organic fertilizer fermentation raw materials enter the factory channel independently and remotely, separated from the main channel of the enterprise. (The fermented raw material may be feces, and the stinky source enters and exits the factory door all day, which is not suitable.)

(3) The employee living area is separated from the fermentation site.

(4) Raw material area - fermentation plant area - semi-finished product display district - deep processing area - finished product area, should have continuity, not far apart.

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