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Correctly use livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment screening machine to help resource utilization

Organic fertilizer refers to the manure, straw and other organic matter used as fertilizer, which is not only rich in nutrition and easy to be absorbed by crops, but also can improve soil and crop yield. In animal husbandry, especially in large-scale farms, a large number of livestock manure will be produced every day. If these livestock manure cannot be treated in time, it will do great harm to the surrounding environment of the farm and human and animal health, and become one of the reasons that restrict the development of agriculture. Therefore, the elimination of livestock hazards, livestock pollution, harmless treatment and resource utilization of livestock manure are an important part of the current agricultural development.

Livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment screening machine is a common type of screening, but also a classic, standardized screening machine. The screening machine of livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment is generally a frame structure, which is composed of vibrating motor, steel spring or rubber spring shock absorption, wear-resistant material screen plate (screen), sealed or open screen box. It can be used in single and double layers, and has many advantages. It is a screening machine. Organic fertilizer screening machines are widely used, such as product classification of organic fertilizer, coal mine, electric power, building materials, refractory materials and chemical industry and high-energy screening of other granular materials.

During the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment, keep the working site clean. After each completion of the organic fertilizer equipment, remove the granulation leaves and the residual glue sand inside and outside the granulation pot, clean the glue sand and flying objects scattered or splashed on the organic fertilizer equipment, wipe the exposed processing surface of the organic fertilizer equipment machine, apply anti rust meat paint, and put on the corresponding shield to prevent the secondary invasion of dust.