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Equipment configuration and process of organic fertilizer production line for powdered pig manure


Powdered organic fertilizer refers to fertilizer produced by fermenting organic raw materials in a certain proportion without causing particles. There is a certain difference from traditional composting fermentation. The national standard is 40% organic matter, over 5% total nutrients, and 30% moisture. The equipment is also relatively simple. The equipment for the small-scale organic fertilizer production line for powder mainly consists of three stages of fermentation, namely: pre mixing, flipping, refining, and packaging. The main purpose of fermentation is to decompose large molecular materials of organic raw materials into small molecular materials that can be absorbed and utilized by crops through microbial decomposition. The quality of fermentation also affects the quality and effectiveness of organic fertilizers.

The organic fertilizer production line equipment is a specialized equipment for producing organic fertilizer using pig manure, suitable for harmless treatment of pig manure and achieving recycling. The organic matter content of the produced organic fertilizer can reach over 50%, which belongs to nutrient rich organic fertilizers. In practical applications, trace elements can be reasonably mixed and used according to the soil conditions in different regions. This will form specialized organic fertilizers for different vegetables, various fruit trees, and other crops that require different needs.

The complete configuration of small-scale organic fertilizer production equipment includes: fecal dewatering machine, fermentation overturning machine, automatic shovel hopper, organic fertilizer crusher, automatic batching machine, mixing mixer, new organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooling machine, drum screening machine, wrapping machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, and other equipment.