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Equipment flow of high yield organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer production line needs two steps: the early fermentation and treatment part and the deep processing granulation part. Organic fertilizer equipment needs fermentation compost turning machine, organic fertilizer crusher, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, organic granulator machine for fertilizer, rotary dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.

Pre fermentation part: a 3 m wide × 50 m long fermentation tank (which can ferment more than 200 tons of raw materials) or one machine with multiple tanks is needed. Then the raw materials (feces, biogas residue and straw) are stacked in the fermentation tank. 1 kg of decaying agent is mixed with 20 kg of water and mixed in the raw material pile. 1 kg of composting agent can ferment 1 ton of raw materials. The temperature is about 0 C ° and the fermentation period is 7-10 days and 2 days Once thrown, it will be completely rotten.

Equipment flow of high yield organic fertilizer production line
Deep processing granulation part: 
1. Crushing the fermented materials that have completed the second aging and stacking process and enter the mixer. Before mixing, according to the recipe, add N, P, K and some other trace elements to the mixing mixer to start mixing.
2. Transfer the mixed materials to the granulator machine for fertilizer, granules pass through the dryer and enter the cooling machine, the materials will be sieved after reaching normal temperature, and the particles that meet the requirements will enter the coating machine to wrap the coating film and start packaging, which does not meet the requirements The granules are crushed by the crusher and then returned to the granulator to continue granulation.
3. Automatic packaging of finished products.