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Fermentation process of organic fertilizer production equipment for processing manure and straw


The main materials used in the equipment for processing and producing organic fertilizers from manure and straw include livestock and poultry manure, urban sludge, household waste, bran, crop straw, sugar and paper filtration sludge, food and fermentation industry waste, and other urban and rural organic solid waste. From the perspective of material sources, the scope of material extraction is quite extensive, but the components involved are also extremely complex.

The equipment and process for processing and producing organic fertilizer from manure and straw consist of two parts. The first part is the composting, fermentation, and maturation process of organic materials. Its function is to kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs, and carry out harmless treatment; The second is the granulation production process of decomposed materials, which aims to make organic fertilizers have good commercial properties, stable nutrient content and fertilizer efficiency, and facilitate transportation, storage, sales, and application.

The track turner for composting and fermentation equipment of manure and straw belongs to the ground stacking and fermentation mode, which is currently a fertilizer making mode that saves civil engineering and human resources. The materials need to be stacked into long strips and stirred and crushed by the turner at regular intervals, and decomposed under aerobic conditions. It also has the function of crushing, greatly saving time and labor, improving the production efficiency and product quality of the fertilizer factory, and greatly reducing costs.

In general, tank fermentation is used for the production of organic fertilizers from manure and straw processing equipment, which results in lower costs and relatively higher fermentation efficiency. The equipment selection can be using ordinary tank type turners, double spiral turners, or chain plate turners, depending on the site conditions and cost control. When selecting equipment for granulation, pure organic fertilizer granulation uses a stirring toothed granulator.