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Fermentation technology of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

The cow manure organic fertilizer production line uses composting equipment to make cow manure stable and harmless under aerobic conditions by using aerobic microorganisms, and then turn it into high-quality fertilizer. In comparison, aerobic composting has the characteristics of simple process, less investment and low operation cost, which can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms, and is a safe, effective and economic reasonable treatment and disposal method.
organic fertilizer production line
Processing steps of cow manure organic fertilizer fermentation
1. In the fermentation tank for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60 ℃ to 80 ℃, which will kill bacteria and insects.
2. On the fourth day in the fermentation tank, the odor was eliminated; Then on the seventh day, the material in the tank will become loose, dry and full of white hyphae.
3. In the tank fermentation to the ninth day, it will send out a kind of fragrance, which is almost the same as that of Daqu.
4. After ten days of fermentation in the tank, the material will be fully fermented.
5. It means that the fermentation stage is over and the material can be removed to the next process by forklift.

After fermentation, the general raw materials can be directly processed and granulated. If the raw materials are not processed and fermented according to the above methods, the whole set of equipment needs fermentation compost turning machine, semi wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, granulator machine for fertilizer, drum screening machine, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging machine and other equipment.