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Have you heard the fertilizer conveyor?

 In the fertilizer production line,between every fertilizer machine have the relationship to every part.And every fertilizer machine have their own place and every machine can take different advantage.As the professional manufacturer of making fertilizer machine we can supply high quality machine for you and we also can design different fertilizer machine and fertilizer production line according to your requirement.For you to understand the how to produce the fertilizer in machine,we will supply more knowdage for you about the fertilizer machine.Today,we will introduce the fertilizer conveyor to  you.
The conveyor can be divided into bucket elevator,large angle belt conveyor,screw conveyor and belt conveyor.Every fertilizer machine can be used in diffferent  fertilizer production line.Usually,the mobile belt and the bucket elevator are used more frequency.
About the bucket elevator:This series of bucket elevator has the characteristic of small floor area,hih lifting height,large conveying capacity,low power consumption and tightness.The utility model is suitable for vertical conveying equipment of granular and powdery materials,such as chemical fertilizer,grain,food,mining industry,etc.The driving power is small,the use of inflow feeding,introduction discharge,large capacity hopper intensive layout.In the lifting of materials almost no return and excavation phenomenon,therefore less power.
Mobile belt conveyor:The working principle of mobile belt conveyor is the same as the ordinary belt conveyor,it is a continuous transportation equipment that use the belt as traction loader.Compared with the ordinary belt conveyor,it increass the mobile device,because the mobile device makes the mobile belt conveyor with the superior maneuverability and can be driven or traced to the suitable place for loading and unloading of gods according to the field conditions.
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