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Flat die pelleting machine, fertilizer granulator

Flat die pelleting machine is a new type of granulator specially developed for biomass raw materials. The fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation. Through the flat die pelleting machine, the material is granulated into a column by a cutter. The flat die pelleting machine is another choice of fertilizer manufacturers, which gets rid of the limitations and disadvantages of disc granulator and drum granulator of organic fertilizer.
Flat die pelleting machine, fertilizer granulator

Advantages of flat die pelleting machine
1. The fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, simple operation and maintenance, safety and reliability, small volume, light weight, etc. the user does not need special training and learning, and can operate and use it after reading the manual.

2. The fertilizer granulator has a strong anti overloading ability in the processing of particles. It is not stuffy even when it is fully loaded, and does not need to set the feeding device independently.
Flat die pelleting machine, fertilizer granulator
3. The machine has the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions. After the fertilizer production period, feed can be produced to solve the problem that one machine is idle for half a year.

4. Due to the small power and high output, it is an ideal small and medium-sized equipment for start-up of biological fertilizer plants, feed plants, agriculture and animal husbandry plants, sewage treatment plants, township, town, village and village farmers.

5. Various types of organic fertilizer granulator can be customized according to the requirements of customers.