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How can cow farm manure be made into green organic fertilizer and what is the investment cost?

First of all, according to the situation of large-scale farms and the amount of breeding, estimate the approximate annual output of organic fertilizer production, and then according to the local land use, see how much area needs to be determined to be used as the land for organic fertilizer production plants. After that, the factory was built and produced.
The cow dung organic fertilizer production line mainly includes two parts: fermentation and production. Because fresh cow dung contains harmful substances, and its form cannot become a commodity. The purpose of fermenting cow dung is to make it harmless and make it a fertilizer with high content of organic matter. The fermented cow dung is loose and has no peculiar smell. It can be processed into powder or granular organic fertilizer as needed, and finally packaged and sold using an automatic packaging machine. This is the organic fertilizer production part.
How can cow farm manure be made into green organic fertilizer and what is the investment cost?
The equipment included in a set of organic fertilizer production line may include: organic fertilizer turning machine, organic fertilizer grinder, organic fertilizer mixer, organic fertilizer screening machine, granulator machine for fertilizer, dryer, cooling machine, packaging machine, Conveyor, screening equipment, dust removal equipment, silos, etc.
For cattle farms, the cost of processing cattle manure into organic fertilizer mainly has two aspects: first, the cost of site civil construction, the investment amount varies from place to place, generally 100,000 to 500,000, which mainly depends on whether there is ready-made in your cattle farm. The site, if there is a site, only need to build an organic fertilizer production workshop and warehouse of 100,000, with a scale of 10,000 tons of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line, covering an area of ​​about 600-1,000 square meters. The second is the cost of purchasing organic fertilizer production equipment. Depending on the scale of production, the investment amount is generally between 100,000 and 1 million.