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How many workers are needed for the production and processing of organic fertilizer equipment


At present, in the agricultural development of western countries, chemical fertilizer is being replaced by biological fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer and other new and efficient pollution-free and pollution-free green fertilizers. In the current process of "world trade integration", the primary premise for China's agricultural products to compete with those of western countries and other countries in the world is to promote "green and pollution-free" fertilizers. This is not only the development direction of China's agriculture, but also the biggest and most urgent problem faced by agricultural production after China's accession to the WTO.

The bio organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer equipment improves the soil structure and is conducive to the transformation of medium and low yield fields. The organic matter rich in bio organic fertilizer can improve the physical properties of the soil, increase the soil aggregate structure, so as to make the soil loose and reduce the soil hardening, which is conducive to water conservation, fertilizer conservation, ventilation and root system development, and provide a comfortable growth environment for crops.

The raw materials needed for the production of bio organic fertilizer mainly include biological bacteria agents, organic and inorganic substances and various trace elements. The strain agent is produced and supplied by the Institute of Ecological Application of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The organic matter can be selected from local raw materials according to local conditions (peat soil, peat soil, river pond mud, poultry manure, shale, coal gangue, coal ash, garbage sludge, agricultural and sideline products waste, etc.); There are many varieties of chemical fertilizer raw materials, the market is abundant, the price is wide, and a variety of products are unsalable in the market, which can be selected according to the quality and price; Trace elements can be purchased from the market.       

The production organization and labor quota organization are determined according to the perfection of equipment installation. The improvement of organic fertilizer equipment can reduce manpower. If the cost of manpower is low, some equipment can also be reduced and completed manually. The relationship between organizations and functional departments of an organic fertilizer equipment plant with an annual output of 10000t is as follows:

Factory director: 1 person; Finance: 2 persons;                            

Supply and marketing: 3 people for raw material procurement and 3 people for product sales;

Production: 8 persons for material transportation, 4 persons for equipment operation, 1 person for equipment maintenance and electrician, 4 persons for product filling and packaging, 1 person for product warehouse and 1 person for raw material warehouse;

Total: 3 administrative personnel, 1 technical worker and 24 ordinary workers.

2. Work system and labor quota: the annual production day is 300 days, and each shift works for 8 hours. During the peak period of production, the labor quota may not meet the work needs, and it is proposed to solve the production by overtime or employing temporary workers.

There are 28 employees in the plant, 19 of whom are workers in direct production positions. The main source of workers is rural surplus labor or urban unemployed youth.