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How much does the equipment investment of organic fertilizer production line need?

With the large demand for organic fertilizer, many manufacturers will provide better business opportunities. Many types of organic fertilizer production line manufacturers emerge layer by layer. There are direct sales type and agent type manufacturers. The prices of organic fertilizer production lines given are very different. If you want to buy organic fertilizer production lines with affordable prices, it is more important to select the manufacturers.

The investment price of organic fertilizer production equipment can be more or less, if the production of powdered organic fertilizer processing, only need to invest in a fermentation equipment, grinder, screening machine. Investment is more than 60000 yuan.
How much does the equipment investment of organic fertilizer production line need?
If the granular organic fertilizer is produced, the fertilizer granulator machine and dryer of organic fertilizer need to be added, and the annual output of organic fertilizer is 10000 tons. Generally, cooling machine is not needed. The investment is about 200000 yuan. The construction site can be large or small, and the general site needs 3 to 5 mu of land.

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