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How to deal with feces effectively and pollution-free in pig farms

Large pig farms will produce a lot of pig manure every day. How to deal with pig manure is a very important problem for enterprises. In general, it is recommended to use manure composting fermentation process of organic fertilizer production line for treatment, so as to achieve harmless, and the farm will not be affected by odor and bacteria. Moreover, further processing pig manure into organic fertilizer can be sold on the market, thus turning waste into treasure and bringing a source of economic income.

Pig manure organic fertilizer production line is a fermentation process that uses the aerobic microorganisms contained in the fermentation agent to decompose the organic matter in pig manure which is not easy to be directly used by crops into small molecular substances, and integrates the advantages of deodorization, insecticidal, sterilization, nutrient improvement, and the elimination of secondary fermentation.
There are two steps to process commercial organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line: early fermentation and treatment part and deep processing granulation part. Organic fertilizer equipment needs fermentation compost windrow turner, crusher, mixer, granulator machine for fertilizer, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.

Because the pig manure can produce heat during fermentation, it can effectively kill the parasitic eggs and disease bacteria contained in pig manure, and prevent harm to crops; and the fermented pig manure can avoid the occurrence of root burning and seedling burning phenomenon because of its full maturity, so it is safer to use. In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer production machine, the macromolecular organic matter contained in pig manure is also decomposed into inorganic salts and minerals that can be directly used by crops, and the bacterial metabolites are generated, which enriches the nutrition of pig manure. What's more, the fermentation process is also a biological deodorization process. The fermented pig manure has no odor and is more convenient to use.