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How to deal with the caking problem in the organic fertilizer production line?

How to solve the problem of organic fertilizer caking has always been a problem for users. The problem of organic fertilizer caking generally occurs in the process of fertilizer processing, storage and transportation. Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. answers this problem in detail to you.

1. Organic fertilizer caking is mainly caused by moisture absorption of micro fertilizer grains, surface dissolution (deliquescence) evaporation and recrystallization. In this process, crystal bridges are formed, resulting in small particles becoming large particles and caking. The caking problem is mainly related to materials (raw materials for fertilizer production), humidity and temperature, small livestock and poultry organic fertilizer production line, external pressure and storage time.

2. The fertilizer production of the organic fertilizer production line is generally non closed production. In the production process, the higher the air humidity is, the easier the fertilizer will absorb moisture and agglomerate. When the weather is dry or the raw materials are dried, the fertilizer is not easy to agglomerate. The higher the room temperature of the extruder granulator is, the easier it is to dissolve. Generally, the raw materials are dissolved in their own crystal water and lead to agglomerate. When the nitrogen temperature is higher, the water evaporates and is not easy to agglomerate.

3. The temperature is generally above 50 ℃, and we usually need to heat to reach this temperature. The greater the external pressure of the fertilizer granulator on the fertilizer, the easier the contact between the crystal and the easier the caking; the smaller the external pressure, the less easy the caking, the longer the placement time of the produced fertilizer, the easier the caking, and the shorter the placement time, the less easy the caking.

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