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How to produce organic fertilizer by pig manure organic fertilizer equipment in farms

Pig manure is a high-quality raw material for organic fertilizer processing. How much pig manure can produce a ton of organic fertilizer depends on the water content in pig manure and the production method of pig manure organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer equipment processing plants process pig manure. Most of the raw materials of organic fertilizer are purchased from pig farms. Pig farms clean a large amount of pig manure, usually using water to wash the manure or a manure remover to clean the pig manure.

How does pig manure organic fertilizer equipment produce organic fertilizer? With the strengthening of national environmental protection and governance, the emergence of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment, the implementation of national circular economy policy, and the attention of social development to the industry, the treatment method of large-scale pig manure is also changing. In the past, it was mainly ecological utilization, and pig manure was directly returned to the field, but at present, with the development of biological fermentation technology, using organic fertilizer equipment to produce pig manure organic fertilizer has become a new measure.

Among China's advanced pollution prevention and control technologies, there are two kinds of organic fertilizer equipment treatment technologies for livestock and poultry manure: one is the closed livestock and poultry manure high-efficiency fermentation technology, which refers to adding a certain amount of agricultural waste, such as straw, rice husk and other carbon rich waste, adjusting the material moisture to below 65%, the carbon nitrogen ratio is (25 ~ 30): 1, the fermentation cycle is 7 days, in which the fermentation above 65 is maintained for more than 72 hours, and the equipment is closed throughout the whole process, The fermentation products can be further processed into organic fertilizer.