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How to select a site for constructing an organic fertilizer production line and processing plant

 Organic fertilizer plant construction site is very important, need to master the following principles

1. The organic fertilizer plant is close to the main raw material site and can not be too far away from the breeding plant. Chicken manure, cow manure and other livestock and poultry manure in the breeding yard is large in volume and high in water content, which is inconvenient to transport. If the distance is too far, the transportation cost will be too high.

2, organic fertilizer plant should be built in higher terrain, relatively flat, good drainage place. Such terrain can avoid the threat of rainy season to the material.

3, choose the site should pay attention to save land, do not occupy farmland. Organic fertilizer plants are far away from the living, working and living areas of the population. In the process of production, odors will be produced, so they cannot become the source of pollution of the surrounding environment.

4. As an organic fertilizer plant that can operate normally, water and electricity must be supplied normally. Organic fertilizer needs sufficient moisture in the process of workshop fermentation and granulation, and organic fertilizer equipment should also have stable power supply in the process of operation.

5. The site should be located in a convenient location for the sale and transportation of organic fertilizers.

6. Local policy environment and market demand. If the local government has a high level of support for organic farming and there is a large-scale organic farm production base, then the establishment of organic fertilizer production lines and processing plants will be more advantageous.

7. Human resources, electricity consumption and other factors should also be considered. Pay attention to skill level and experience when hiring staff, and ensure a stable power supply, so as not to affect the production process.

In short, in the process of site selection, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and carry out scientific analysis to ensure that the site selection most suitable for the development needs of your enterprise is finally selected.