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In the development of modern agriculture, organic fertilizer equipment is highly praised


The raw materials of bio organic fertilizer are easy to obtain, the process of organic fertilizer production line is simple, and the production investment is far lower than the investment required for the production of chemical fertilizer. According to the calculation of 500000 mu of farmland in a county, 80kg of bio organic fertilizer is applied to one crop per mu, and a total of 40000 tons of fertilizer is required. The amount of fertilizer required for planting multiple crops in a year is greater. The production of this product has the advantages of low investment, easy access to raw materials, simple process, lower product price than chemical fertilizer, high market competitiveness, and great economic and social benefits. Saving chemical fertilizer and energy, protecting the ecological environment and sustainable agricultural development are issues that countries all over the world attach great importance to at present. Many countries regard the development of microbial fertilizer as an important method to solve this global problem. In particular, Southeast Asian countries pay more and more attention to biological fertilizer, and biological organic fertilizer is facing the opportunity to go abroad.     

Bio organic fertilizer equipment fertilizer granulator is used for granulation of various organic matters after fermentation, breaking through the traditional granulation process of organic matters. Raw materials do not need to be dried and crushed before granulation. Spherical particles can be directly batched and processed, saving a lot of energy. Traditional fertilization and garbage fertilization methods not only do some harm to the environment, but also do not give full play to its role. With the application of more and more organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, granulation equipment such as biological fertilizer granulator has entered people's life and production.

In the development of modern agriculture, organic fertilizer equipment has always been highly respected. The reason why there is a huge space for the development of bio organic fertilizer equipment is that the country now takes the treatment of environmental pollution as the first priority and the solution of environmental pollution as the top priority. The organic fertilizer production equipment can greatly save the cost of producing organic fertilizer and other products, improve the production efficiency, and ensure that the products produced are of good quality and large batch to meet the needs of the majority of users.