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Issues to pay attention to when purchasing equipment for organic fertilizer production lines


Processing organic fertilizer is an industry with great market prospects. With the strong support of national policies, many people want to invest in a small organic fertilizer production line. In addition, with the increasingly strict environmental inspections recently, many farmers are also interested in purchasing small organic fertilizer production lines to solve the environmental pollution caused by livestock and poultry manure.

When many customers who are not familiar with organic fertilizer production ask, the first sentence is like this: the equipment configuration of organic fertilizer production lines varies according to the different raw materials, and suitable plans can be made according to the investment budget. The prices of organic fertilizer production lines with different yields also vary. It is recommended that customers consider the amount of organic fertilizer production they want to invest in before making further inquiries, and then inform the manufacturer of the raw materials used for processing and production. This will provide an approximate price range for everyone, and then choose the appropriate production line configuration based on the expected investment.

When purchasing small-scale organic fertilizer production line equipment, customers usually care about the price of the organic fertilizer production line equipment, understand the process flow, and then determine what equipment their organic fertilizer production line equipment should be equipped with, such as a disc granulator and a wet stirring tooth granulator. The disc granulator is cheap, and the water content after granulation is relatively high, usually around 40%, requiring a dryer for drying, The particles produced by the stirring toothed granulator, if the scale is relatively small, can be naturally dried. Customers usually purchase 3-5 tons of small-scale organic fertilizer production line equipment. Some farm owners consider the price and, based on their own factory's economic strength, usually purchase around 10000 tons of small-scale organic fertilizer production line equipment.