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How to make organic manure from cow dung?

Cow dung is a kind of waste from the point of view of raising cattle, and it also pollutes the environment. If the secondary development of cow dung is fully utilized, it would not serve two purposes. With the development of organic fertilizer equipment industry by the state and local governments, many incentive policies have been introduced, and the scale and industrial development of cow manure commercial organic fertilizer production line has matured.

How to make cow manure into organic fertilizer, the steps are briefly analyzed as follows:
Step one: fermentation
Collect cow dung and cow urine, compose it with hay and rotten silage, and let it ferment. The use of a stacker in fermentation is the full fermentation of cow dung. This can be done only by making each place uniform, so everyone should pay attention to this when doing it.

Step two: crush and mix the ingredients
Use the batching bin to crush and mix the composted materials, N, P, K and other inorganic fertilizers and other additives in a certain proportion.

Step three: granulation
The granulation is carried out by using an organic fertilizer granulator.

Step four: screening and return system
There is a certain difference in the particle size of the granules output from the granulation and molding system, which requires sieving and classification.

Step five: drying
An organic fertilizer dryer is used to further remove moisture from the sieved particles to meet the standard requirements for moisture content of organic fertilizer.

Step 6: cooling
Cool with a cooler for easy storage.

Step seven, packaging
The cooled material particles are conveyed into the finished product bin through the bucket elevator. Granular materials are automatically packaged and weighed to achieve quantitative packaging.