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Operational matters of trough compost turning machine in fertilizer production line

The trough compost turning machine is a large-scale organic fertilizer turning and polishing equipment. Today, the manufacturer of the organic fertilizer production line will tell you the precautions when using the trough turning and polishing machine. When using a trough turning machine to ferment organic fertilizer, attention should be paid to the site planning of the fermentation tank and the temperature changes in the fermentation tank.

1. Trough type compost turning machine fermentation field design.

The length of the fermentation tank of the trough coturning machine is generally more than 65 meters, and the height is 1.2 meters. The width is determined according to the actual manure production in the field. It should meet the needs of the entire fermentation cycle. The thickness of the fermentation should not exceed 1.0 meters. An anaerobic situation occurs, producing a foul smell.
Operational matters of trough compost turning machine in fertilizer production line
2. Trough type turning and throwing transmission.

The time for the mixed fermented materials from entering the tank to exiting the tank is 15-21 days. The whole-in and whole-out operation mode is adopted, that is, the trough-type turning and throwing machine forwards and transfers 1 to 2 times a day, and the space vacated by the feed inlet after turning and throwing is just right to meet the amount of mixing into the tank that day. The purpose of using the trough turning machine every day is to advance the raw materials 3 to 5 meters to free up space for the next day; the second is to increase the air content in the raw materials to facilitate the reproduction and growth of microorganisms and speed up chickens. Manure and auxiliary materials decompose and decompose; the third is to accelerate the evaporation of water in the raw materials, generally the water content drops to about 40% after 15 days, and the temperature decreases with the decrease of water content. After 21 days, the temperature is around 50℃ and the water content is 35. %about.

3. Temperature changes in the fermentation trough.

The fermentation temperature can reach 65℃~70℃ in the fermentation tank of trough type compost organic fertilizer production machine within 48~72 hours. After 12 hours of pretreatment in the fermentation process, the temperature reaches 30°C (microbial growth, reproduction, metabolism, heat production) and above, and it is pushed into the fermentation tank in time. After 24 hours, the temperature reaches 40°C or more. After the first dump, the temperature is reduced by 10~ At 15°C, the temperature rose to above 60°C after standing for 6 hours.