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What are the precautions for organic fertilizer fermentation?

Fermentation and decomposing of organic fertilizer materials is a complicated process for the organic fertilizer production process. Due to the complexity of various raw materials, the nutrient content varies. The nutrient content of various livestock and poultry manure is not the same. To reach the outstanding pile-up effect, it is necessary to master some influencing factors. These factors determine the intensity of microbial activity and then affect the speed and quality of organic fertilizer fermentation.
organic fertilizer production process
1,Breathability: In the strict fermentation process, the good or bad permeability directly affects the reproduction of anaerobic or aerobic bacteria. In the field of tobacco and tea organic fertilizer, you can use the jack in the pile, embed the bundle of straw in the pile, and use the bamboo stick or wooden rod to lift the bottom to increase its gas permeability. In stacking or fermenting tank fermentation, try to add excipients as required. It is important to note that the ratio is the weight ratio, not the volume ratio.

2,Organic fertilizer fermentation moisture control, generally requires material moisture control is about 60 ~ 65% is appropriate, moisture judgment: hand grab a material, see the watermark but not dripping, landing is appropriate. Low water fermentation, slow water and poor ventilation, can also lead to "septic bacteria" work and produce odor.
Suggestion: The method that can replenish water is to add less water in the early stage and add it when it is turned over later.

3,Organic fertilizer fermentation and mixing evenly: whether it is piled in the field or strip fermentation or trough fermentation, this is particularly important, if you cannot mix the fermentation materials or cannot make the special bacteria and fermentation materials fully mix, fermentation is uneven, the temperature is high and the bottom is degraded, and the deodorizing effect is not ideal, which directly affects the quality of the organic fertilizer. So we can use the compost turning machine to turn the materials to mix evenly and also can increase the fermentation speed.

4,Organic fertilizer fermentation to avoid rain and exposure.
The above is the precautions for the fermentation of small-scale livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer. Farmers can arrange production according to the amount of manure, the size of the site and the demand for fertilizer.