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Which organic fertilizer granulator is good?

Organic fertilizer granulator is one of the most core equipment in organic fertilizer production line, which directly affects the quality of organic fertilizer granules (roundness, uniformity, fertilizer and water retention performance, etc.).

Different granulation processes for organic fertilizers require different types of granulators. Granulators directly affect product yield, quality, appearance, and price. It can be said that the organic fertilizer granulator is the core of the entire production line. Which granulator is appropriate when making organic fertilizer?

1.Roller extrusion granulator
Roller extrusion granulator belongs to dry granulation method, no drying process, high granulation density, good fertilizer effect and full organic content. It saves the cost of purchasing dryers and coolers, and does not need to burn coal in the later stage, which saves a large part of the funds. However, the shape of the granulation of the extrusion granulator is oblate, which is easy to jam when the field crop machine is planted, and the fluidity is not very good. Therefore, if the organic fertilizer produced by the machine farmers is used with caution, it is recommended to use compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

2. Drum Granulator
Converter granulator is a process that has been used for compound fertilizer granulation. It can also be used to produce organic fertilizers, but the granulation rate is low. If you produce organic and inorganic organic fertilizers, you can choose this process.

3.Disc granulator
Disc granulator is a more traditional granulation process. This kind of granulator has the advantages of smooth granulation, good sales, and low equipment price. The only disadvantage is that the density is low. At present, people are pursuing new and new methods to granulate, so there are fewer users.

4.stirring organic fertilizer granulator
Stirring organic fertilizer granulator, this kind of granulator is now the hottest product on the market and is also a product favored by customers. This process has high output and smooth processing. Granules are comparable to disk granulation. But need to buy dryer, cooler. Therefore, the equipment of this process is more expensive.

5. ring die granulator
Ring die granulator has the highest pellet density, and the pellets will not be scattered during the sales and transportation process. However, the round pellet machine must be added later to achieve the round pellet finished product. This pelletizing process is more expensive.