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Organic fertilizer granulator promotes innovation and development in agriculture

 New type organic fertilizer granulator is an organic fertilizer granulator with the development of agriculture, technological progress, diverse needs and continuous renewal, the equipment itself after years of development, design to achieve organic combination, production and research and development has been continuous progress, organic fertilizer equipment has been better and more comprehensive development. It is understood that the new organic fertilizer granulator produced by the factory has never stopped the pace of progress, and has been walking in the industry position for many years.

As long as all kinds of organic matter after effective fermentation can be granulated by the new organic fertilizer granulator, breaking the restrictions and obstacles of the traditional process, and there is no need for raw materials to be processed, broken and dried before granulation, and can directly achieve batching processing and direct granulation. It not only saves a lot of energy input, realizes the effective reduction of cost, but also realizes the great improvement of work efficiency, which is convenient and rapid, and the effect is satisfactory. Moreover, the new type 
organic fertilizer granulator has also achieved 100% organic content and achieved exclusive manufacturing of pure organic fertilizer. At the same time, Huaqiang organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of diverse models, diverse technologies and diverse parameters, and its own production and enterprise needs have been taken care of in a full range, which is an ideal brand worth choosing and assured use. New Type organic fertilizer granulator, the development or the hard truth, only continuous progress and efforts, continuous development and progress, can be achieved standing.
The Organic fertilizer granulator is mainly suitable for coarse fiber granulation, such as various crop straws such as wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cotton seed hulls, weeds, domestic garbage, factory waste, materials with low adhesion rate and difficult to form, and also suitable for low-temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, Manure, compound fertilizer, etc.