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Organic fertilizer production line needs fermentation

In the organic fertilizer production line, the fermentation of organic fertilizer is carried out by the fermentation compost turning machine, which is influenced by four factors, namely water, temperature, pH value and C / N. Therefore, the organic fertilizer production machine will have different performance in the fermentation process. As we all know, the fermentation of livestock and poultry manure is aerobic fermentation. In the process of fermentation and maturity, these four factors bring great challenges to fermentation. The organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line is significant to improve the quality of crops, yield and soil improvement. Through the fertilizer treatment in the organic fertilizer production line, the comprehensive utilization value of agricultural pollution and organic waste from domestic pollution source is realized. The performance is as follows:
Organic fertilizer production line needs fermentation
Water effect: water is an important factor not found in microbial activities. The suitable moisture content of the material is 60% to 70% in aerobic fermentation environment. The high or low water content of the material will affect the activity of aerobic microorganisms. Water regulation should be carried out before fermentation. The temperature of the material is lower than 60%, and the temperature is slow and the attenuation degree is poor. The effective way to reduce the moisture content of fresh fertilizer is to add organic materials with low moisture content. These auxiliary materials can promote the loss of water.

Temperature effect: temperature is an important index of microbial activity in aerobic fermentation. The high temperature production indicates that the fermentation process is in good condition. The fermentation of fertilizer machine manufacturers requires a short period, usually 10 to 20 days. Generally, the material turnover and forced ventilation are used to improve the state, promote the rapid heating of early materials and maintain high temperature at 60 ℃ to 65 ℃. The middle stage. The poor physical properties of pig manure are the main obstacles to the increase of fermentation temperature, and organic matter with high C / N and low water content should be added to improve.