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Pig manure organic fertilizer production line processing fertilizer to turn waste into treasure


How to deal with pig manure to turn waste into treasure? The processing technology of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is advanced, with a compact structure. Harmless live bacterial preparations are used to treat livestock and poultry manure. Biological fermentation is carried out under the action of various beneficial microorganisms, and the organic matter is fully decomposed to release nutrients. The resulting biological heat and high-temperature fermentation process can kill insect eggs and bacteria, purify the environment, detoxify and deodorize, achieve resource utilization and industrialization, low energy consumption, harmless treatment, and stable product quality.

The process flow of the pig manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows: the organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, household waste, dead branches and leaves, biogas residue, waste bacterial strains, etc.) are fermented and enter a semi wet material crusher for crushing. Then, elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) are added to make the mineral elements meet the required standards. Then, a mixer is used for stirring, and the particles enter the granulation mechanism. After coming out, they are dried, Through the screening machine, qualified products are packaged.

Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment processing technology fully automated production equipment, easy to operate, can start insulation devices and oxygen supply systems according to needs, create a suitable environment for bacterial growth, fast speed. The pig manure organic fertilizer processing equipment also uses aerobic fermentation, fully utilizes fermentation heat, and the fermentation cycle only takes 5-7 days. The fermentation process is not affected by seasonal climate, operates all day, and the feces are processed on the same day, which can be installed in the breeding farm, The daily processing capacity is 360 cubic meters, and the annual production capacity is 50000 tons. The organic fertilizer produced using pig manure organic fertilizer equipment not only creates economic benefits for enterprises, but also makes significant contributions to human environmental protection projects.