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Pig manure organic fertilizer production line promotes the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry

In recent years, the development of large-scale farms can be said to be in the ascendant, which greatly meets the people's demand for meat, eggs and milk, followed by the harmless treatment of a large number of livestock and poultry feces is also imminent, and the production and processing of livestock and poultry organic fertilizer is one of the good utilization ways. The scientific and reasonable production process of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line is used to promote the development of local livestock manure industry and the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry.

A production line for preparing organic fertilizer from pig manure sewage and pig manure; The invention belongs to the technical field of pig manure organic fertilizer preparation equipment; The technical points of the utility model include a base, a septic tank is arranged on the base, and the septic tank is connected with the sewage pipe of the external pigsty; A sewage filtration device for filtering fecal sewage is set under one side of the septic tank, and the water inlet of the sewage filtration device is connected with the middle and lower part of the septic tank through a pipeline; A dry material barrel is set on the foundation at the side of the base, an inclined conveying trough is set below the discharge port of the dry material barrel, an interconnected spiral mixing mechanism and a spiral conveying mechanism are set in the conveying trough, and a packer is connected at the end of the conveying trough corresponding to the discharge end of the spiral conveying mechanism; The invention aims to provide a production line for preparing organic fertilizer by using pig manure sewage and pig manure with compact structure, convenient use and good effect; It is used for pig manure sewage treatment and preparation of pig manure organic fertilizer.

This organic fertilizer production line can deal with human and animal manure (including cow manure, sheep manure, pig manure, chicken manure, etc.) and kitchen waste, straw, rotten vegetables, plant waste, sludge, etc., and can be widely used in residential areas, canteens, gardens, vegetable markets, farms and other places. It can achieve continuous operation with low impact on the environment, no odor in production, high degree of automation, low power and low energy consumption.