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Problems and solutions in the operation of large-scale organic fertilizer production line

Generally, the organic fertilizer production line will vibrate, and most of the reasons for the vibration are due to the unstable operation of the equipment. After starting up, the main shaft is loose, resulting in the hammer head swinging without a fixed balance point, resulting in the overall shaking of the equipment; In addition, if the weight of each group of hammers is different, there will also be vibration; If there is a clanking sound in production, the hammer may hit the lining plate directly. If these conditions are not handled after being found, they will directly lead to the heating of the bearing, which can not bear so much force, leading to the burning of the bearing, and will also bring some additional load to the motor.

The 10000 ton / year organic fertilizer production line is composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, special crusher for organic fertilizer, batching system, mixing system, special granulator for organic fertilizer and finished product packaging machine. Although the process structure is similar, the configured organic fertilizer equipment is not fixed. The construction and equipment purchase plan of an annual 10000 ton organic fertilizer production line that meets its own conditions is mainly selected according to its own material characteristics, on-site working conditions, specific production requirements, degree of automation and investment budget.

Proportioning, crushing and mixing system: the function of this system is to combine the composted materials with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium inorganic fertilizers and other additives

In the operation of organic fertilizer production line, various raw materials are crushed, proportioned and mixed according to a certain proportion. Based on years of experience, it is suggested to set up supporting facilities. For example, the vertical crusher is used to crush pig manure compost, which is not easy to stick to the wall and block, and the multi-layer turbulent chain hammer structure improves the crushing performance; The continuous automatic batching system is suitable for the dynamic measurement and batching control of organic fertilizer raw materials: the mixing operation is equipped with a double shaft continuous mixer, which has good sealing, and the sticky and wet materials are not easy to adhere at the root of the lifting and mixing shaft.