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Reasons for vigorously promoting organic fertilizer equipment

We now know that the country is vigorously supporting the organic fertilizer production line. It can be said that organic fertilizer is spared no effort to publicize, let people realize the importance of organic fertilizer to the soil, and let the soil that has been damaged by us be readjusted by organic fertilizer. That is why we strongly support organic fertilizer production and organic Fertilizer equipment, and the manure produced by animal husbandry has a great environmental impact. Using organic fertilizer equipment to make animal manure called organic fertilizer is a good thing that serves two purposes.
organic fertilizer equipment
With the rapid development of China's breeding industry, the production of livestock and poultry manure is increasing year by year at an average annual rate of 3%. Among the total manure resources in our country, cattle and pig manure are the main body of livestock and poultry manure. The material is discharged directly without treatment. It not only invades the land and affects the landscape. The most important is the pollution of the atmosphere, soil and groundwater. To reduce these hazards, you can use it as a raw material and produce and process it into organic fertilizer. It is imperative.

When producing organic fertilizer, the organic fertilizer processing equipment must determine the formula ratio according to the functional effects of the organic fertilizer. After that, the various raw materials are first crushed into organic materials with a certain fineness according to the requirements, and mixed in a blender according to the formula. After mixing, it enters the fermentation tank. Due to the deep pool aerobic fermentation, the area is very small. The fermentation process does not require labor, which greatly saves the fermentation cost. Because it is a fully mechanized production, the fermentation is uniform and there is no dead corner so the quality of organic fertilizer products is ensured. In the future, fertilizer granulator can also be used to produce organic fertilizer into a granular shape, which is conducive to storage and sales have been broadcast.

Organic fertilizer which is after deep processing of organic fertilizer equipment, during soil application, microorganisms in organic fertilizer can use the organic matter in the soil to produce secondary metabolism, promote plant growth and fruit maturity, and can increase the number of flowering and improve The fruit-bearing rate, combined with long-term fertilizer effect, the harvested crops are full of grains, the fruit is bright in color, and the product looks good and sells well, helping farmers increase yield and income.