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Promotion and development of equipment for organic fertilizer production line

Before the popularization of organic fertilizer production line equipment, feed production equipment or general compound fertilizer production equipment were widely used for processing organic fertilizer, but they could not meet the standard due to the lack of pertinence. Most of the existing organic fertilizer production enterprises were small-sized, and the mechanization level was not high. However, in some large-scale organic fertilizer production enterprises, although the processing capacity was large, it was often difficult to find a suitable one The main reason for the suitable equipment with high mechanization level is that there are many kinds of raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer, and their properties are very different, and they all share one characteristic, that is, high humidity. Before fermentation, the moisture content generally reaches 60% - 70%. After fermentation and drying, the proportion of material is light, and the fiber is not completely rotten, resulting in the problem of follow-up treatment.

 Promotion and development of equipment for organic fertilizer production line
The production equipment of organic fertilizer is mainly the following organic fertilizer equipment: processing equipment before fermentation, including crushing and stirring; dumper equipment used during fermentation; deep processing equipment after fermentation. There are many kinds of raw materials for organic fertilizer production. Therefore, the pre-treatment of organic raw materials should be different according to different materials, and different processes and equipment should be selected for different materials. There may be one or two or even more types of crushers to meet the requirements, and sometimes it is necessary to add crusher equipment according to the change of raw material source.
The development space of organic fertilizer production machine is very broad. Naturally, the pressure of competition is more and more heavy. Although the technical level of organic fertilizer production line has a new development stage, it gradually moves towards the direction of large-scale, automation, intelligence, diversification and globalization, but for organic fertilizer equipment, under the premise of such development situation Enterprises also need to meet the large demand of domestic customers for organic fertilizer equipment.