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Reasons why the particles are not round enough and handling precautions

 In the fertilizer manufacturing process, there are often cases where the finished granules are not round. If the ratio is too large, it will affect the yield and quality of the fertilizer. It needs to attract our attention, find out the problem and solve the problem.

So why are the particles not round and irregular? There are mainly the following reasons.
The liquid phase exceeds the standard, the powder content is small when granulating, and the powder lacks the powder material which is filled in the rolling. Therefore, the water in the fertilizer granulator machine should be dry, as long as the granules of ~1~2mm are suitable, do not cause Ф2 ~4mm qualified particles. Because the liquid phase exceeds the standard, material sticking and large particles appear on the plate and the wall of the dryer. Due to the lack of smooth conditions in the dryer, the particles will be irregular. The amount of finished product is small, and the drying temperature is too high, which may cause the particles to break and form irregular particles.
fertilizer production
Attention should be paid to the operation:Drying and importing temperature is an important part of control.

In actual production, a suitable temperature range of up and down fluctuations should be explored according to the characteristics of different formulations and equipment. Production experience shows that the low temperature and high air volume should be taken to minimize the temperature difference between the head and the tail.The tail temperature is the focus of control. It is generally controlled at 45~65°C, the urea dosage is 3~9%, the tail temperature is controlled at 65°C; the urea dosage is 10~20%, the tail temperature is controlled at 60°C; the urea dosage is at 21~38%, the tail temperature is controlled at about 55 °C, to prevent the excessive temperature of the urea from melting to produce too much liquid phase, large particles or mud phenomenon. If ammonium chloride is used as the nitrogen source, the temperature of the tail can be controlled at about 65~ 80 °C and the temperature of the tail should be determined and adjusted according to the actual production of the equipment according to the output. The temperature of a baking is not absolute. It should be determined mainly by reference to the air volume of the system, the production formula and the drying condition of a baked material. The organic cooperation of the moisture, temperature and drying temperature of the granulator material is the key.