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Solution of fertilizer caking in organic fertilizer production line

As we all know, the produced organic fertilizer is easy to caking after a long time. In order to avoid caking in the organic fertilizer production line, we should pay attention to the following problems, hoping to help you:

1. Reasonable selection of raw materials, that is, choose the raw materials that are not easy to caking as our production raw materials, such as trace element foliar fertilizer, with iron, copper, manganese, zinc, sulfate and boric acid, ammonium molybdate as raw materials, additive mainly magnesium sulfate, the main material is dry, the air is not too wet, the production of fertilizer is not caking, humic acid as the main raw material of fertilizer and amino acid as the main raw material The fertilizer with acid as the main raw material is not easy to caking. In addition, choose materials as dry as possible.
Solution of fertilizer caking in organic fertilizer production line
2. Choosing suitable production time, low air humidity and low temperature are not conducive to caking.

3. Add some anti caking agents, such as talc powder, humic acid and other powder materials that are not easy to caking, they play a role of bridge breaking in the middle. Some surfactants can also be added to prevent caking.

4. Reasonable packaging should be adopted to prevent extrusion. The packaging materials should mainly prevent moisture absorption and air permeability. Excessive extrusion should be prevented during transportation and storage, and caking can also be prevented.

5. Granulation technology can prevent caking, because the contact area between round particles is small, it is not easy to crystallize and caking. Therefore, if conditions permit, granulation is a better way to prevent fast formation.

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