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The granulation characteristics of small-scale organic fertilizer production line for cattle and sheep manure


There are many raw materials for the production of small cow and sheep manure organic fertilizer production lines, which can be specifically divided into the following categories: 1. Agricultural waste, such as straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc. 2. Animal manure: such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, horse manure, and rabbit manure; 3. Industrial waste: such as vinegar residue, wine residue, sugar residue, cassava residue, furfural residue, etc; 4. Household waste: such as kitchen waste, etc; 5. Urban sludge: such as sewage sludge, river sludge, etc.

The footprint of a small-scale organic fertilizer production line varies depending on the equipment configuration. Simple configurations require a smaller footprint, while complete configurations require a larger footprint. The simplest configuration of equipment covers an area of approximately 300-1000 square meters, and the smallest fermentation site requires 400-2000 square meters. The entire factory area also includes warehouses and expected warehouses, all of which need to be taken into account before site planning. I suggest that when choosing a factory area, it should be as large as possible rather than small. If the site is larger, and the production scale is expanded later, only other equipment needs to be added. If the chosen site is smaller and only suitable for current use, once the scale is expanded later, it will need to be re selected.

The characteristics of the small-scale cow and sheep manure organic fertilizer production line are advanced technology, scientific and reasonable, compact process layout, energy-saving and consumption reduction, stable operation, no three emissions, reliable operation, wide adaptability of raw materials, and convenient maintenance. Organic compound fertilizers, bio organic fertilizers, urban sludge, and organic fertilizers for household waste that are suitable for various ratios have filled the domestic gap and are at the leading level in China. Chicken manure is a promotion project of practical environmental protection technology in the country, rich in organic matter, which can provide the nutrients needed for crop growth and improve soil fertility.