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The granulation process of wet fertilizer granulator in organic fertilizer production line

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer granulation equipment, from the most traditional disc granulator and drum granulator to the present agitated gear granulator and combined granulator, each update and development is to meet the requirements of new fertilizer development. All kinds of granulators not only have more and more applicability to materials and meet the granulation needs of all kinds of materials, but also have greatly improved particle quality and particle yield.

Disc granulator is a well-known organic fertilizer granulation equipment, simple operation, fertilizer granulator machine price. The powder materials roll along with the bottom of the plate, and the materials adhere to each other to form spherical particles after being stained with water. Its principle is like a snowball, which depends on the viscosity of the material itself to become bigger and bigger. When the particles grow to a certain extent, they will come out of the plate and enter the next process. If they do not meet the requirements of particle diameter, they will stay in the plate and continue to granulation until they meet the requirements.
The drum granulator also uses a similar principle, except that the disc is an open structure, and the rotary drum is a drum, but both of them are based on the principle that the powder materials are continuously bonded with the help of water to form granular fertilizer with appropriate particle size.
In addition, the new type of granulation equipment also has the stirring tooth granulator, it no longer uses the material's self rolling to produce the granules like the disc and the drum, but relies on the external force to force the material to form the granules, so the production efficiency is higher and the material requirements are relatively low.
The last is the combined granulator, which is the combination of drum granulator and gear granulator. It is very convenient to use as compound fertilizer granulator.